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Thursday, January 8, 2009

TERRORISM:Will we ever get rid of it?

Terrorism and insurgency are the unending battles India has been fighting since Independence.Since independence in 1947, India has been facing this severe problem of terrorism in different parts of the country, majorly in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.These terrorists attacks are not only attack to the humanity but they have proved that they don't have any ideology,except spreading terror and violence.
Usually they justify their hilarious acts as an act of "Jehad" but no religion gives permission of mindless killing of innocent people, and those who are indulged in such activities have nothing to do with the religion.
So terrorism is not only about muslims and their quest for Jehad.Not all muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are muslims. Pakistan has been the main source of arms, ammunition and training for religious terrorist groups which operated in the Punjab in the past and for those which are operating presently in J&K and other parts of India.We have been facing this problem for so long but yet have not been able to put up a mark on it.Rather the conditions have become worse now. Why is so that we have not been able to put up a mark on this yet?Why is it so that each time innocent people have to face this on themselves?How long we have to tolerate all this? Well, its really a high time and now severe action is the demand of the time.Now a strong movement against such anti-social elements are required.And its not only the duty of government,but our role is equally significant.At national level,there is a need of high level anti-terrorist squad.The only way to combat it is to minimize,if not eliminate,such occurences.Democratic politics,political freedom,civil liberties and religious tolerance must be protected at all costs.The corruption and politicisation of police force must be minimized.We need a dedicated and unbiased force.If we want to eliminate this curse, we need to stand against it united and we need to do something in this regard on our own without depending on external sources.Remember "A state which is not prepared to defend its honour and which depends for the security of its honour on some international force, is nothing but a paralytic".

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